Friday, February 8, 2008

What's Your Vision?

On the discussion board of his new "Living A Visional Life" facebook group, Jeff Calloway presented the following challenge. As the Lord gave me the words, I felt I had to share this.

Jeff's Challenge:
"At the most intimate level, share what you believe God's vision to be for your life."

My Response
In a nutshell? To be an agent/facilitator of changed lives for the Kingdom of God.

The long version:
1. To lead people into a daily summit; an ever-deepening, personal, daily relationship/communion/fellowship with Triune God; Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and nurture them to become grown children of God, so that they can go out and share the love and grace of God with people in their own world.

2. To bring followers of Christ into a community of faith that is committed to a raw, no-frills, back to the basics, apostolic, missional, incarnational, organic, indigenous picture and pattern of who (not what) the church is and what the church does, as established in the book of Acts and throughout the New Testament.

3. To bear so much fruit for His kingdom, that on that great and final day, as I stand before His throne and He begins to judge my works, the fruit of my works will be standing there with me, along side of me, or somewhere in Zion (maybe they got there before me). Everything else fails in comparison to seeing my family, friends, neighbors, associates, and anyone else I am privileged to lead up that holy mountain, there with me in the eternal presence of Almighty God.

That is my vision!