Friday, February 22, 2008

The next phase of our church planting journey: The Pod Coffeehouse/cafe

The Name:
Pod is a small seed covering, a place where life begins. Pod is also a small gathering of people (like peas in a pod).

The Vision and Mission
To create a "third place" for the purpose of connecting with people in Troy and developing relationships, through coffee and conversation, and build bridges for sharing God's message of hope and peace through Jesus Christ. A great place for coffee and conversation, with a purpose.

The Pod will be a full service coffee bar and cafe by day and our second location for church as we seek to expand God's kingdom in the city of Troy. This new location will supplement our ministry home base in North Central Troy and will allow us to reach more people in Troy for His kingdom.

The Pod will be more than a coffeehouse/cafe, but will serve as a hub for missions activity in Troy's downtown business/arts district. As the CORE Church seeks to make a maximum impact in the city of Troy, N.Y., this cafe will serve as a vital point of connection to the college student population and the business and arts community that is developing and growing in downtown Troy.

Please feel flee to pray for us and keep track of our progress in this new phase of the CORE Church Troy's