Sunday, February 3, 2008

A Local Church is Taking Shape

Today was a great day at the CORE Church of Troy. Our worship gathering went well. The Lord gave me a great message for our current sermon series, "SUMMIT:how you can have a daily summit with the Living God."

Today we talked about "Unity in Community" and how God didn't call us to journey toward the summit of His holy mountain alone. He gave us other followers of Christ to join in the journey with us.

One of the highlights was seeing one of the neighborhood boys, who has been coming to our worship gatherings for three weeks now, get up and read a psalm during our call to worship. This 12 year old boy asked if he could do the reading. This is the fruit we have been praying for. It is a tremendous victory for the kingdom of God, and the CORE Church, when God's word takes root in the heart of a child.

Our local community of faith, known as the CORE Church of Troy, is beginning to take shape. We are already seeing some great fruit from our endeavors in the heart of the city. I am greatly anticipating what the Lord will do through us in this new year.