Monday, February 4, 2008

Church with no-frills

No-frills: offering or providing only the essentials: not fancy, elaborate, or luxurious; raw

Two of my all-time favorite bands are U2 and Delirious?

One reason I like these two bands is that they both incorporate a raw sound into their music. It is just straight forward, pure energy, rock and roll. The other reason, of course, is that both bands seek to honor God with their music.

I was thinking of this rawness and how it relates to church planting.

I have been fascinated these past couple of years over a movement to bring the church back to the original, apostolic pattern as set forth in the book of Acts. The first century church had a raw form of doing church. They met, they learned from the Scriptures, they enjoyed fellowship, they regularly remembered the reason for their assembly through the breaking of bread, and they prayed. That was it; the great commandment and the great commission. The church was not a religion, but a relationship with the One who died for them and rose from the dead. They came together to celebrate their resurrected life and to learn how to live together as a body. No false agendas, no programs or committees, but a living, breathing, moving body.

For too many years the church has been living in the dark ages. I, for one, don’t want to live there. Neither do I desire to lead people back there, but forward as the people of God, moving upward towards the summit of God’s holy mountain.