Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reaching people I am most like.

Rick Warren, in His book "Purpose Driven Church," wrote that pastors and church planters are usually and most likely to reach those they are most like; that is, that segment of society that we have a lot in common with; race, social class, hobbies, personality, etc.

For example, Warren, as a middle class, white, male, baby boomer, found that he was more successful in reaching men like himself. He goes on to encourage his readers (mostly pastors, church planters and seminary students) to find the people whom they are most like and evangelize them. Of course, he goes on to state in the book, there are those who have the "missionary gift" who can be anywhere and relate to anyone, regardless of what people group they may belong to.

By following Warren's advice, then, I would be most likely to reach 40-something, slightly rotund, procrastinating, undisciplined, day dreamers. Me? I'm praying for that "missionary gift." But if, along the way, I happen to meet people like me, I just might reach out to them. Or I might put it off until tomorrow and just dream about it for awhile.

For the record, I agree with Rick Warren's line of thinking. I can identify with guys who are alot like me. I know how they think. If that isn't enough, God gave me one just like me; yah my oldest boy is an undisciplined, procrastinating, day dreamer. God really does have a sense of humor, doesn't He?

My mom used to say, "I hope you all (me and my four sisters) have one just like you." Well, Mom, your wish came true.