Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The beauty of a community coming together

My family and I just returned home after an evening at a neighborhood community center. More than one hundred people; men, women, children, community leaders, etc, packed the Fallon Rainbow Community Room as we discussed issues of concern that are plaguing the streets of Troy; issues such as violent crime, drug dealers, gang activity, etc. This first in a series of community gatherings was led by Pastor Willie Bacote of Missing Link Street Ministry. Pastor Willie had invited the CORE Church to be a co-sponsor of this initiative to restore peace and hope in Troy's inner-city. Throughout the course of this evenings gathering I felt a strong sense of community spirit. There were many people present who have had enough of the negativity and want to make a difference. I was impressed with Pastor Willie as he began the meeting in prayer and all throughout the evening stressed the importance of turning our lives over to God. Many great ideas were discussed and I believe we will see some great things happening in the North Central neighborhood as the community comes together. We will soon begin feeding hungry children in the neighborhood every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening at 6:00pm. Some logistics and details are being worked out but this will happen. Other ideas were discussed as well as citizens stepped up to the plate and said, "I will do my part to make a difference."

Please continue to pray for our on going efforts to make Christ known in the heart of this city.