Monday, July 14, 2008

Living...Loving...Serving thereby making Christ known.

For several years now I have been wrestling with the question of what my purpose and mission in life is. I have been trying to wrap my heart and mind around the Great Commission and what that looks like for me as a follower of Christ. In the midst of all of this God has been revealing some amazing things to me; about Himself, about myself and about the people He, in His sovereignty, has sent me to make Him known to. A brother in the Lord recently pointed something out to me, which I knew, but really wasn't thinking too much about. He said, "God has called you to a different kind of church planting, not better or worse than what other church planters are doing, but different." He went on to explain how it will take many different kinds of church planters to reach different people within their own communities and within their own culture and that we (The CORE Church of Troy) need to focus on the people within the community God has sent us to.

For the past two and a half, almost three years, I have been praying for the people who live in the inner-city of Troy and what my part will be in reaching them for the kingdom of God. What can I do to have a maximum impact in this community for Christ and His kingdom? As I have prayed and continued in God's word and have remained faithful and obedient to His call, He has revealed how we (not I) will reach this community for His glory. It is not about me, but about Him. It is not just me that He has called. There are others (co-laborers in the field of harvest) that He has sent me to find and join up with, and others He has sent me to disciple and raise up. God is already at work here, we are merely joining Him. It is not a new work He has called me to start, but His eternal work that He started long before I came along. So, here I am in God's appointed field of harvest, rolling up my sleeves and joining in on what God is doing.

Our agenda is to love as Christ loved, live as He lived, and serve as He served, thereby making Him known in the heart of this community. Anyone who feels led by the Holy Spirit to join us, I say, "Welcome."