Monday, July 7, 2008

Feeding hungry children

While I was having my wife's car worked on at Latham Ford I took a ride over to downtown Albany with Donna, our worship leader, to visit the JC Club, an inner-city children's feeding center. Charlie Muller, pastor of Albany's Victory Church saw a need in 1994 to provide inner-city children with nutritious meals, while at the same time feeding them spiritually. I had connected with Pastor Charlie and had told him of my burden and vision for a similar ministry just across the river in Troy. Pastor Charlie invited me to come and have a tour of their feeding center in operation. So I called Donna to invite her to come along. What we saw were dozens of staff and volunteers preparing hundreds of bag lunches. Pastor Charlie explained that they will distribute more than 900 lunches to children at various drop off points located in the parks throughout the city of Albany. The JC Club also serves a hot meal for children every Saturday and Sunday from 3-5 pm.

As Pastor Charlie walked me and Donna through the center, explaining various details of this vital ministry, a sense of purpose and passion overwhelmed me. The city of Troy has its own share of inner-city children who often go hungry. There is a need for such a ministry here. Dare I believe that God would use the CORE Church of Troy to begin such a ministry to feed Troy's inner-city children; not just physically, but spiritually as well. Pastor Charlie went on to explain that they are just as passionate in telling the children about Jesus Christ as they are with with providing meals for them.

The CORE Church of Troy is situated in the heart of Troy's most economically depressed neighborhood, where many single mothers and children live. God has given me a burden and vision for reaching them by providing for their most basic needs.

Please continue to pray for the CORE Church of Troy as we seek to obey the Lord and to accomplish His will and to make Him known in the heart of the city.Pray that God will provide the resources to make this happen.