Friday, May 23, 2008

What happened to sessions 5 & 6?

Good question. Here's the deal!

Session 5 was led by Mark Dever, followed by John Burke with session 6. About five minutes into Dever's presentation nature made its call and I made my way to the men's room. Got back from the men's room only to find out I had lost my WiFi signal. Took a few minutes to reconnect and by that time Pastor Mark Dever was almost finished with his half-hour time-slot.

I did get enough from Dever's message to identify his compelling idea which was: Preach God's word faithfully and He will draw lost people to Himself.

Dever was followed by John Burke. I started out good with Burke, tapping away on my laptop when, about ten minutes into his message I lost my internet connection. After several attempts to reconnect I was still unsuccessful so I switched to Microsoft Word and did manage to jot down a decent outline, which I will post later.