Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day

My family and I took a drive from Troy to Schenectady today, first of all, to show our support for our favorite band, 4ever1, as they brought their music ministry to City Mission of Schenectady.
Secondly, to spend some time at City Mission of Schenectady, where I was blessed to serve on staff for eleven wonderful years. In the summer of 1995 God opened the door for me to serve in the men's shelter of this amazing ministry and allowed me the privilege of working along side of some incredible men and women as we ministered to Schenectady's poor and homeless community. It was at City Mission that I came to realize God has called me and shaped me for inner-city ministry. It was also at City Mission, in the fall of 2005, that I met our worship leader, Donna Walsh, and her band 4ever1, around the same time God had opened another door for my family and I, as we moved from Schenectady to Troy (located about 25 miles east of Schenectady) to plant the CORE Church of Troy.
It was a blessed day to spend time with some old friends (a few of whom are pictured above) and to see the newly refurbished City Mission. Praise God for executive director Mike Saccocio and his amazing staff of dedicated men and women who continue to serve the Lord faithfully, as they reach out to the poor and homeless in Schenectady, N.Y.