Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A New View

I'm sitting here in the storefront that is to be the home of the Pod Coffee House. Today plumbers are continuing work on our three-bay sink and grease trap. They should be finished by the end of today. Then we can call city of Troy code enforcement and schedule our inspection so that we can officially open for business.

Jennifer, from Paychex, stopped in to give me an introduction and run down of the payroll service they provide. We had a nice conversation about church after she learned, that in addition to getting this coffee house up and running, I am also planting a church in the North Central neighborhood of Troy. I've also met Frank, a sales rep. from Sysco Foodservice, who has been sharing info on some great products we might want to offer at the Pod.

Through all of this I am learning how to think like a businessman. Having never planted a church before I am seeing some parallels between starting a business and planting a church. I am also seeing how every facet of our lives must be surrendered and connected to God. There is no way we can compartmentalize our lives and call ourselves true followers of Christ. Our personal, as well as our professional lives, must be led by Him.

Today I'm sitting here glancing out the front window, watching many people as they walk by on their way to lunch. There is a lot of new activity going on in our city Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is expanding and adding new dorms. Two new hotels are in the planning stage. God is in control of all of this, as we seek to follow His directives to "Go therefore and make disciples." The Pod Coffee House is the next part of this church planter's journey.

If you'd like to know more about the process please feel free to contact me.