Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pod Update:almost there!!!

We were hoping to be open for business by May 1st, which is today. However, a few delays have forced us to move our grand opening to May 9th. Our city's code enforcment guys are a little behind schedule due to many projects vying for their review and approval. A couple of things they would like us to do before we get our certificate of occupancy 1) add a grease trap to our required 3 bay sink 2) add a second bathroom to our one, unisex, handicapped access bathroom. We applied to NYS code enforcement for a variance on the additional bathroom and are awaiting their review and response. The city of Troy said we can open, pending the decision of the state office.

So, here I sit, wondering what valuable lessons I am learning in this process. For one, I am seeing what other entrepeneurs have to deal with on a daily basis. I am also learning that the world does not operate on my schedule. Additionally, I am learning to lean on God's everlasting arms; especially when dealing with certain city officials who get paid a decent salary for what they do, yet seem to take their sweet time in reviewing and approving work permits and certificates of occupancy. The fallen, human nature within me wants to call these guys on the phone and chew them out. Then the Holy Spirit says, "No, let's not do that. Let's give grace where we can give grace, and realize that city employees are no more human than you are."

Connecting with National Community Church/Ebenezer's
While at Exponential 2008 I happened to mention to a few interested people the vision of the Pod Coffee House. One church planter told me to "hook up with Mark Batterson." Mark is the founding pastor of National Community Church in Washington, D.C..

NCC recently started a coffee house called Ebenezer's which has become one of the most popular coffee houses in D.C. I did have an opportunity to meet Mark and speak with him briefly. He put me in touch with Michelle Warren who manages Ebenezer's. Michelle was gracious in responding to my e-mail with loads of information, from vision to menues to IRS tax info, hiring and training practices, etc, etc, etc. So, thank you Mark and Michelle for helping a us in this process as we seek to have a maximum kingdom impact in our own city.