Thursday, May 29, 2008

Conversations are flowing at the Pod.

It has been nearly two weeks since the Pod opened and we are continuing to meet many of the folks who live and/or work in downtown Troy. From cab drivers to office workers, artists to fellow entrepreneurs, some great conversations have started. While not advertising the Pod as a ministry of the CORE Church of Troy, a few patrons have recognized me as the "pastor from that church on Sixth Avenue." Having been born and raised in Troy, it has been good to reconnect with people I grew up with, went to grade school with, etc.

Today some great opportunities opened to me to enter into spiritual conversations with a few people. One man in particular saw my Bible on one of the tables, which I had left there from my study time (which I sometimes do during down time). He asked if he could read it while eating his lunch. This is why we are here in downtown Troy--the reason for renting a storefront and opening a coffee house. In our ongoing committment to living out the great commandment and the great commission, God is meeting us with innovative ideas, while keeping Him at the center of it all.