Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Hoops We've Jumped Through

In the process of getting The Pod Coffee House up and running there is a series of hoops we have had to jump through along the way. Below are just a few of the more memorable ones.

The city government hoop, which has a series of smaller hoops to jump through; the building site plan review hoop, the zoning board hoop, the code enforcement hoop, etc.

The landlord hoop (we're renting the storefront where the Pod is located)

The IRS hoop (oh yeah, you have to get an Employer ID Number).

The New York State taxation and finance hoop.

The business insurance hoop.

The health department hoop.

The National Grid hoop (having heat and lights is usually a good idea)

The Verizon hoop (phone and WiFi are a must in today's urban marketplace)

Various additional hoops that I may have failed to mention.

Indeed this has been a learning experience and, at times, a hair pulling experience. Starting a small business is often a risky venture. It is good to see what every other entrepeneur endures on a daily basis. Along the way I have met some interesting people, fellow entrepeneurs who are also engaged in the small business world. They have jumped through many of the same hoops I have had to jump through these past few months.

In my endeavor to be a missionary in my community The Pod Coffee House provides a way for me to enter the marketplace and use the entrepeneurial gift God has given me, for the purpose of making Him known in the heart of the city.