Thursday, May 22, 2008

Session #2: Vince Antonucci

Vince is the founder and lead pastor of Forefront Church, an innovative church for the unchurched in Virginia Beach. Vince’s passion is helping people find their way to God and creatively communicating biblical truth.

Grew up with no exposure to church whatsoever. Thought religious programming was stupid and pointless. Opened a Bible for the first time while in college. His girlfriend gave him her Bible which she admittedly never opened. Vince was stunned with the "times and places" that appear in the Bible and began reading and studying, looking for evidence to discredit the things he had previously heard about Jesus. The more he read and studied, the more he became convinced that Jesus is real and that he needed to know Him personally. Started attending a church in Buffalo, NY

Vince's compelling idea/questions

1. How is it that he lived here in America for twenty years and never heard the gospel?
2. How can it be that there is an explosion going on with church planting, yet more and more people are not being reached with the gospel?
3. We are reaching people...just not reaching lost, unchurched people. Many churches are growing numerically, but mostly through transfer growth and very little through conversion growth
4. We must do whatever it takes, short of committing sin, to seek and reach the lost.

Jeremiah 4
matt. 9:35-38, Jesus was moved w/compassion for the harassed and helpless. Jesus came to seek and save the lost. Jesus said, "As the Father has sent Me, so I am sending you."

Seek and save lost people...that's what makes God's heart beat. What breaks your heart?
Jesus was moved with compassion...what moves you? Are you going to the places where lost people go? What kind of bait do you use when you fish? Lost sinners liked Jesus and hung out with him? Do lost people like hanging out with you?