Monday, March 30, 2009

on the wings of failure come new ideas

Some of you may remember, just about one year ago, my family and I took a giant leap of faith and opened a coffeehouse, called, "The Pod." The idea was to create a "third place" environment where pedestrians could come in off the street, grab a cup of coffee and some conversation and relax. Third place meaning that place where people gather outside of their home and work place, for conversation, relaxing and socializing. A cafe/coffeehouse is the perfect environment for stimulating great conversation and connecting with everyday, ordinary people, and building relationships.


Somewhere along the way yours truly got lost on the fine line between ministry and small business. What I thought would be a successful, innovative attempt at creating culture turned out to be a financial failure. Who knew a year ago the economy would take a nose dive? Small business loans became harder and harder to obtain as banks began to scrutinize the qualification requirements. After less than a year in operation The Pod was taking on water and sinking fast. We decided to close while we could still climb ourselves (my wife and I) out of debt.

I never looked at this as a failure, just a good idea at the wrong time. I prayed then and said to God, "if I ever have such an opportunity again. let it be all about You."

Most recently, the CORE Church relocated from 6th Ave & 101st St. to a much smaller, more manageble space, located just one block south at 6th and Glen. This space is located on a busy street corner. many pedestrians congregate right outside our front door. Great place to be...great opportunity to give new life to an old idea. Alas, CORE Church Pedestrian Cafe is born. Not the Pod mind you, but a ministry of the CORE Church...similar concept but different. The vision is to facilitate a third place environment. This storefront space is divided up nicely, providing a decent sized space in the front. The front door opens to 6th Ave, where many people already gather. So, we're merely opening the door and inviting them in.