Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Guess God knows what He's doing afterall

It became evident to me today why God moved the CORE Church from one street corner to another as a fight broke out right outside our new space.
I was down at the new space setting up for tomorrow. Two women started fighting, right on our front step, as one of them started beating the other with a cane, and in the process, broke her arm and cut her head, police came from everywhere, lots of kids nearby,what a bloody, chaotic mess. People were milling about everywhere. Several young children who had witnessed all of this were visibly disturbed. I have to admit that this church planter was brought to tears, as the Holy Spirit spoke to me, "This is why you are here." The corner of 6th and Glen Avenue has become a violent, crime ridden hot spot. It is located right near a convenience store and two major bus stops on one of CDTA's main Troy routes. Dozens of people get on and off the city bus, every 20 minutes, right outside the front door of our new church space. I am thoroughly convinced God has called CORE Church of Troy to bring His peace and His hope to this inner-city neighborhood. People here need to know God's love and mercy, and I pray that we will see and seize every God-given opportunity to make Him known in the hearts of these people, and that through our efforts God will be glorified and that will see and experience a maximum impact in this community, for His Name's sake.