Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Becoming regulars at Northway Church

It's been about two months since my family and I began attending Northway Church's Saturday evening service in Clifton Park.

We were searching for a local church with a Saturday evening service, since we, as a family, are tied up on Sunday's with our own church plant in Troy . I had met Brian Howe via facebook and accepted his invitation to come for a visit. took him up on the invite and we haven't been the same since. Luv what Northway Church is doing to bring church into the current age we now live in, by making church cool and exciting. My kids love it. My wife enjoys relaxing and listening to Pastor Buddy preach. On any given Sunday at the CORE Church, she's busy with children's church and other activities and rarely gets to hear me expound the word. I have to say I greatly appreciate Pastor Buddy's engaging style of preaching. He brings it on with the gospel every time (at least from what I've seen and heard for myself), and communicates the timeless truths of Scripture in a timely, relevant way. Kevin Brustle and the worship band rock the house as they sing the Good News and prepare the congregation to encounter God. I think my family and I will continue this Saturday evening trend. If you see us there, say hi to us. We'd love to get to know you!