Friday, March 27, 2009

Street Outreach Center at CORE Church of Troy

An idea that we have been praying and talking about for some time now has become a reality, as the CORE Church of Troy announces the start of our new Street Outreach Center.

The CORE Church has relocated from the century old brick cathedral at 6th and 101st, to a storefront located one block south at 6th and Glen. We knew when we chose to move that we would be moving into the heart of the street culture, and we know now this is exactly where God wants us to be. We also know that the street corner located right outside our front door is very active. Many people congregate there. There is a CDTA bus stop there, with many people waiting for buses throughout the day. We have been praying about the best way to reach some of these people, when it dawned on us to simply open the doors and invite them in. For several months now we have been receiving bread and milk product, every three days, from a local convenience store. It is the product they pull from their shelves as new product arrives. These items usually have shelf life left on them, sometimes as much as five days to a week. We often get more bread than we can give away, along with donuts and assorted pastry and packaged snack items. God has already provided the food, and now He has provided the space to begin this outreach ministry. We cannot begin to imagine all that God wants to and will do through the CORE Church of Troy, as we seek to make Him known in this North Central district of Troy, NY. Our new Street Outreach Center will be open Monday through Friday, 11:00am until 2:00pm. We will add components to this outreach ministry as God gives the vision and provision.

Would you pray for us as we step out in faith and begin this new street outreach ministry? Perhaps you'd like to help by volunteering your time to serve with us. Maybe you'd like to donate coffee, filters, paper products, or whatever God may put on your heart. Additionally, if you'd like to conrtibute financially to this ministry, you may do so as the Holy Spirit leads you. Checks may be made payable to CORE Church of Troy (earmark Street Outreach Center if you so desire)