Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Pedestrian Outreach Center is born!

Flooded with fresh vision and renewed passion, God has impressed upon me a name change for this new vision that is more encompassing. Alas, Pedestrian Outreach Center is born.

The vision God has given me for this new outreach is expanding to a more encompassing, wholistic ministry. Pedestrian Cafe implies food and beverage, while Pedestrian Outreach Center will include a cafe, but allows more to be offered. The ministry mission is to "help people walk through life." pedestrian was the word that came to mind as I was thinking and praying about everyday, ordinary people, walking through life, yet finding it difficult to reach their destination. Sometimes pedestrians have no direction or destination and walk through life rather aimlessly (been there...done that). The goal is to point people in the right direction by meeting them where they are at and helping them see God's plan for their lives. I'm seeing not just a place for people to come and flop, but a place where real people can find real help with the real problems that keep them from moving forward in life.