Friday, November 21, 2008

Third Day on the Late, Late Show

I happened to catch Third Day, last night, on the Late, Late Show With Craig Ferguson. Thanks Mark Lee for the heads-up.

I was goofing off on facebook and Twitter last night, while listening to the evening news, and then Letterman. I don't always stay up to watch Craig Ferguson. For one, his sense of humor is often vulgar (and I think he's usually half-lit when taping the show). Secondly, even though I'm somewhat of a night owl, I'm usually rubbing my eyes by the time Ferguson's show comes on. However, as I was messing around with my new social media fetish, I saw the tweets from Mark Lee, Third Day's guitarist, informing his fellow citizens of Twitterland of their upcoming performance on the show. Being only minutes away from airing, I decided to stay up and watch. I made it through Craig's opening monologue, and then laughed a bit to Larry the Cable Guy, and finally, toward's the end of the hour, Third Day made their appearance, singing their latest hit "Revelation."I enjoyed seeing and hearing one of my favorite bands as they rocked the house.

I got to thinking, afterward, about how many Christians would question their appearance in this worldly arena. However, I saw this as a great opportunity for Third Day to bring their light into the darkness of late night TV. I'm pretty sure C.F. and the audience (both live and in TVland) were listening as Mac Powell and company sang their song. Many of them may not have been familiar with Third Day, but they are now. Perhaps some of them were listening to the lyrics of "Revelation" and were compelled to look deeper within themselves. Maybe they went on the internet afterward and googled Third Day and found out they are a Christian band who use their gifts to serve the Living God. Maybe some found their way to Third Day's website and to their song lyrics.

Thanks Third Day for a job well done, and for shining your light on Craig Ferguson and the night owls who were watching!