Monday, November 24, 2008

Is being a "Friendly" church enough?

In a conversation about what is most important in drawing people to your church, many have said, "being friendly to the unchurched and/or first timers is most important."

But is that enough?

Is that a Biblical quality?

Certainly, being friendly is not a bad idea. In fact, I would probably not like it if I visited a church that was cold or less than friendly towards visitors.

However, friendliness, in itself, does not demonstrate whether or not a local church is a healthy,growing church.

People at the local Elks lodge or VFW are friendly, but do they love God and love their neighbors? Are they willing to love others the way God loves them?

A local church can be very friendly, but are they merely a glorified social club, or are they a unified body of believers who live, breathe and move together in such a way that people people are drawn to them and compelled to be a part of their fellowship...not just because they are friendly, but because they have something that goes deeper than that; a deep rooted, vibrant connection the Christ, True Vine(John 15:1ff)

Something greater than each of us happens in a healthy local church that cannot be explained or experienced outside of the body of Christ. When we come together, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, the bond of love and grace extends beyond ourselves and the power of God is demonstrated in ways we cannot imagine.