Monday, November 17, 2008

the culprit

Just got finished fixing the radiatior in the men's room at the church. Apparently one of the boys had unscrewed a small pipe that connected the flow valve to the radiator, which caused the radiator to spew out steam, thereby turning the men's room into a sauna. This one small steam leak caused the entire boiler to shut down, thereby preventing heat from circulating throughout the building. I finally made it to Johnstone heating supply and described the missing part to the man at the counter. He disappeared for a moment and returned with the pencil-witdh pipe and connecting elbow. Along with a small bottle of pipe joint sealant, the total bill came to $8.01. I went bact to the church and within ten minutes fixed this seemingly small problem.

I tweeted about this little episode on Twitter which also appeared on my facebook update, and the subject stirred up quite a bit of conversation about the parrallels of broken boilers to the issues of life, and the great sermon illustrations that can come out of that boiler/steam leak episode.

So, I may just have my next sermon series stemming from this.