Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Season of waiting

The Secret of Waiting: Begin to view life from the perspective of the Ageless One. by Bob Sorge

I regularly subscribe to Christianity Today's Christian Bible Studies, which comes daily in my e-mail. Most times I quickly scan through them, but today's edition caught my attention, and I found myself reading and studying along with author Bob Sorge.

The topic of this study is learning the discipline of waiting upon the Lord. I won't repeat Sorge's article here, I'll let you check it our here for yourelf. What I will say is that I find myself rarely waiting upon the Lord. I pray, I read and study my Bible, I journal, and like most people I want to hear from God right away. I want Him to give me the answer to my prayers in my time. But, as Sorge points out, when we learn to wait upon the "Ageless One," we step into His timing and He gives us the patience to wait upon Him until He has mercy on us.

So, I beginning my own season of waiting, so that I can be prepared and equipped when the hand of God turns my way.