Thursday, November 6, 2008

dare we believe in miracles!

For the past several weeks we (including many of my blogging friends) have been praying for an 11 year old boy named James who had developed several tumors which his doctors believed to be cancerous after several rounds of tests. His mother had asked us to pray for him as he was facing some more testing and surgery to remove these tumors. A couple of weeks ago, at one of our community meals, we prayed over this young man; myself, Pastor Willie Bacote, and several others who were present. We prayed fervently and with great faith, believing that God can and does heal people.

James' mother reported to us last night that James had some more tests and his doctors have said his tumors are gone! No surgery! GONE!

We could pass this off as coincidence, or, as his doctors will probably concur, a misdiagnosis. Or, we can believe that God heard the effective, fervent prayers of the righteous that were lifted up on behalf of this boy and that we all bear witness to a miracle; that God has indeed healed James.