Monday, September 8, 2008

Suffering from "I-can-handle-it-on-my-own-itis" syndrome

Today I was twittering about my ordeal with my local Ford dealer and trying to get my wife's car inspected and the "Check Engine" light that was preventing it from passing inspection, and the mechanic's offer to run diagnostic tests and so on. Dave Webber added as few posts worth of advice. We exchanged a few posts when he had made a great point about asking someone for help, like someone in my congregation who may have the time to stop by and take a look at it. I had to admit, Dave got me!

Why don't I stop and ask others for help more often? Perhaps they're too busy with their own problems, or maybe it fails to come to mind because I'm too focused on solving my own problems. Most people would appreciate being asked to help. Have I robbed them of that opportunity to show kindness?

Maybe next time I'll think of asking a friend or neighbor for help, or maybe not if I allow my stubborn human pride to get in the way.