Friday, September 12, 2008

had to post this: from Dave Cowan, Elevation Church, Phoenix, AZ

It wasn't that long ago that adult film star Crissy Moran gave up the life she knew. She said goodbye to working in the porn industry and said hello to a life in Christ. Since then, Crissy has been working to help those still trapped in that life. It was in early 2008 that she found a chance to return to film, this time with a message. "Oversold" is a short film adaptation of the Biblical story of Hosea. Set in the present, the story walks the viewer through the struggles of Sophi, a stripper trying to break out of that life. Sophi meets and falls for a Pastor, Joshua. Their two worlds collide and they are forced to deal with this fallout. How do people treat a pastor that loves a stripper? Do people ever really accept the stripper into the real world? Is this life imitating art or the other way around? In this piece, Crissy tells us why she chose to make "Oversold" her first film after leaving the adult business.