Thursday, September 11, 2008

My take on integrity

I recently started reading Mike Foster and Judd Wilhite's book, Deadly Viper Character Assassins. This is a great devotional book for men that deals with the life issues that rob men of their integrity. I highly recommend this book for your men's gatherings and leadership training.

So far I have gotten through Chapter 1, "Character Assassin Creep."In this chapter the authors point out how little things, like the faulty rivets that sank the Titanic, can become big things if left unchecked; things like cheating on income tax, telling little white lies, stretching the truth, etc. can lead to character assassination and totally ruin a man's reputation.

An older, wiser pastor once told me, "Integrity is who you are when noone else is watching." His words came to mind as I was reading about "Character Creep."

Hats off to Mike Foster and Judd Wilhite for a great book that I will be using for our own men's gatherings.