Friday, December 19, 2008

What I'm thinking about duting this Christmas season

As my wife and I finish up our shopping and tend to the last minute details of our Christmas plans, I have to stop for a moment and reflect on what is most important. Last Saturday we were in the company of scores of children and their families at our first annual kids Christmas banquet. Two weeks prior to that the CORE Church baptized two young people, April and Jacob. And for the better part of this past year we and The Missing Link Street Ministry have been hosting a three day per week Feed-a-Kid ministry. My family and I are blessed to be in good health and to have opportunities to make Christ known as we serve others.

I am also thinking about a young boy named Zachary who is gravely ill and has undergone numerous surgeries and procedures, in an attempt to bring about some healing. He has another surgery scheduled in the coming new year. My wife works with this Zachary's dad at UAlbany. We have prayed for him numerous times and the kids at church thought it would be nice to make him some cards and things out of paper. My wife placed them all into an envelope and this morning we mailed them.

I'm thinking about the snow that is piling up outside my door. While I whine and complain about having to go out and shovel, there are plenty of folks (some living very nearby) who are unable to get out and do the same.

I'm thinking about the time we will spend with family enjoying the holiday season when, for some people, this is a dark and lonely season filled with pain and bad memories.

I'm thinking about my children, who will be opening presents on Christmas day when, in these trying economic times, some families will not even have food on their table.

I'm thinking about an illegitimate baby boy, born to a teenaged mother. Having nowhere to go, they found shelter in a stable. The King of kings and Lord of all, came to earth and took on flesh; to give us His hope, His peace, His joy and His love; gifts we won't find wrapped under a tree, but in the eyes of those we reach out to with the same gifts He has given to us, and in our own hearts as they become enlarged by the Spirit that dwells within us.

What are you thinking about this Christmas?