Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanks for the smile!

A brief testimony of the value of a smile and a few kind words.

As I was walking back to Penn Station Tuesday afternoon, I noticed that a part of the rythm that flows amongst the crowds of pedestrians is an occasional brushing up against or bumping into one another. I noticed this happening frequently, and that people just keep on walking, without stopping or even looking up. I was bumped into a few times myself (I was both the bumper and bumpee at various intervals) as I made my way along the noon hour foot traffic. I brushed up against one young lady who had passed by me, going in the opposite direction, and apologized immediately afterward. She then slowed down her pace as bit, turned her head and smiled back at me, all the while continuing to walk.

I got to thinking afterward. How often does anyone stop and excuse themselves after literally coming face to face with a fellow pedestrian? How often do I take for granted the value of those two words, "excuse me" and a smile? How seldom do others hear it; especially amongst a sea of faces and strutting pedestrians, all with a destination? Maybe that's why she turned and smiled, as brief as it was.