Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We're seeing some of the statistics

Hungry Children in the U.S.
A recent report released by the U.S. Agricultural Department stated that close to one in eight Americans struggled to feed themselves adequately even before this year's sharp economic downturn. The department's annual report on food security showed that during 2007, the number of children who suffered a substantial disruption in the amount of food they typically eat was more than 50% above the 430,000 in 2006 and the largest figure since 716,000 in 1998.

Overall, the 36.2 million adults and children who struggled with hunger during the year was up slightly from 35.5 million in 2006. That was 12.2% of Americans who didn't have the money or assistance to get enough food to maintain active, healthy lives.

The article cited above appeared in Leadership Journal's weekly e-publication. This article was drawn from a recent study released by US Dept. of Agriculture. There are plenty more similar studies that have been released in recent years, but all one really needs to do to see for themselves is spend time in an inner-city community where the statistics take on names and faces.

One would think that in a nation as prosperous as ours, that such statistics would be non-existent, or at best minimal. However, some experts say current statitistics are grossly underestimated because many families, for various reasons, avoid reporting their lack of food or resources to obtain food. The unfortunate victims of poverty and hunger are children.

Rev. Willie Bacote and I have seen these statistics first hand, as the number of children and adults attending our three day a week Feed-a-Kid community meal has continually increased. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we experience a full house at the CORE Church, as we and The Missing Link Street Ministry have partnered together to providing hot, nutritious meals for neighborhood children and their families. Despite the cold, winter temperatures outside, many families are still braving the weather and traveling (mostly by foot) several blocks to the CORE Church to paerake of these meals. Winter has not officially begun. The colder it gets outside, the more it will cost families and senior citizens to heat their homes, leaving less money to put food on the table. No doubt we will see the need for Feed-a-Kid increase.

Please continue to pray for Feed-a-Kid and the efforts of Missing Link Street Ministry and the CORE Church of Troy to reach out and serve the "least of these" who live in the inner-city of Troy, NY.

Please pray also about how you might help us help our neighbors with your best financial gift.

Feel free to contact Pastor Willie Bacote or Pastor Dave Lewis anytime!