Saturday, December 20, 2008

The joys of snow storms!

Driveway Fun!

Is it just me or do snowplow drivers sit, waiting, until I've just finished shoveling the end of my driveway, and then come and plow it back in?

Oh without a doubt, they sit and wait; then give it a little tilt to the right as they pass the driveway...and then a big thumbs up, as they smile and wave with that big cup of coffee in their hand. And to think our tax $$$ pay for it all...nice!

It must be one of those snow plowing trade secrets; just let us taxpaying citizens know they're there for a sadistic/sarcastic kind of way. A great comeback would be to stand at the end of my freshly shoveled driveway, wait for the snow plow to come by, and hold up my hand made sign, which reads, "WOULD YOU PLEASE PLOW MY DRIVEWAY BACK IN? I NEED MORE EXCERCISE!"

Watching the Kids have fun!

My two sons were outside enjoying the nine or ten inches of freshly delivered snow. They piled up the snow, slid down our new front yard mountain on their sleds and snowboards, then dug some neat looking tunnels. I think I see the remnants of an attempted snowman out there as well. After a couple of hours of enduring the cold winter temperature and frolicking in the snow, they finally gave up and came back inside. They looked like a couple of walking, talking popsicles, as they stood in the front foyer, shedding their layers winter play wear! Now they are holding down ends the couch, watching Veggietales "The Toy that Saved Christmas."

Excuses to Veg!

Snow storms make good excuses for hanging out on the internet and engagingf in my social media/networking fetishes, like updating my blog and messing around on Twitter and Facebook...I mean, what else am I to do while couped up in the house, in the middle of a noreaster'? One facebook friend suggested taking up soltaire...with real cards. I was also thinking I could find a nice jigsaw puzzle and put it together. I use to assemble them, back in the Commodore 64/Atari days. However, my fetishes have changed with the times. I've gone high tech. I might catch some college ball a little later. But for now I'm content with excercising my virtual hobby!