Monday, June 16, 2008

End of the school year blues

I can hear Alice Cooper's song, "School's Out," ringing in my ears. Daniel and Jacob have a week and a half left before they are done with school for the summer. We are experiencing what most families go through as they shift from school days to summer days, and trying to keep the kids occupied for the ten weeks. Soon we will make the VBS rounds to a few local churches. Then there is scout camp and baseball camp. We will try to squeeze in a family camping trip or two to Grandma & Papa's summer lakeside retreat in the Adirondacks. And we will take a week and travel; probably sticking to destinations within New York State, due to the obnoxiously high gas prices we are now enduring ($4.19 per gallon). So, to our friends and family who live in the Empire State, beware. The Lewis family may pop up in your town.