Monday, January 28, 2008

Rethinking Children's Ministry

The CORE Church of Troy has seen great success, so far, in the area of children's ministry. From our regularly scheduled CORE/kids events, to our weekly kids church, we have connected with kids in our neighborhood to the point where they are telling their friends, and more kids are coming.

We knew when we came to this neighborhood that a quality, well organized children's ministry would be essential to reaching our community. We did not expect to have the kind of success we have experienced in the two years since we started this new church.

We have been taking a look at how we can effectively do kid's ministry that will be attractive to the kids involved, as well as their parents, while at the same time not burning out adult volunteers. Our approach is to be highly relational and less program oriented.

What does this look like? On Sunday mornings, as we are getting ready to start church, these kids just start showng up. At first I was thinking we should start a Sunday school class before church. I tried out the idea, only to learn what I thought would happen. Kids don't want to sit around in a class room and listen to a 44 year old man tell them stories with flannelgraph figures. So, I simplified it. We just hang out and chat and get to know each other. We play board games, watch some videos and read a Bible passage together. It is amazing how quickly these kids pick up on the complex Bible stuff.