Sunday, January 27, 2008

Growing Up Catholic

I recently came across a book that I must recommend. You can't purchase this book through Amazon or any other book seller. It is only available through Tim Lott's Growing up Catholic website.

"I just don't feel connected..."
To be blunt, that phrase can best describe how a lot of Catholic church-goers feel today. Growing up as a Catholic myself, I believed my relationship with God was very real. Nevertheless, I found myself growing more and more discontent and feeling detached from the man-made church laws I had been taught. Going to church became mundane as I merely went through the motions not caring to attend mass regularly. Does this describe you, your family or a friend?
(Excerpted from Tim Lott's website)

I am planting a church in upstate New York which, like most of the Northeast, has a high percentage of people who identify themselves as Roman Catholic. This is a reality I must intentionally address as I seek to reach people living in my community. Having been raised in the Catholic church myself I have can identify with every page of Tim Lott's book. Many of the new people coming to our church have had a similar experience. This book is designed for group discussions and is perfect for conducting a small group or class for people who are questioning their Catholic heritage. The CORE Church will be starting its first Growing up Catholic small group within the next few weeks.

This book is an invaluable tool for church planters who are seeking to start new congregations in communities that are saturated with Catholics; many of whom feel disconnected from the religious tradition they were raised in.

Former Catholic, Tim Lott
Author of Growing Up Catholic, The Pursuit for Truth

Tim Lott and his wife Genora make their home in South Florida. He grew up as a Catholic and in 2003 became an ordained minister. Tim worked on staff at Northeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, as the Director of Ministries, and at Community Christian Church of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, as the Minister of Involvement.

Tim started teaching the “Growing up Catholic” class in 2002 at Northeast. He has a passion for connecting people into the local church, assisting Catholics and former Catholics alike in discovering a better way to live life in place of merely going through the motions on Sunday mornings.