Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pedestrian Interviews:John and Jen

I met John and his fiance Jennifer today. They came in for coffee and a bite to eat. Come to find out they just moved into one of the apartments upstairs this past Saturday. Jen is studying Russian at UAlbany. John is a musician looking for work. We got onto the topic of live music at the Pod which piqued John's interest. He asked about playing a solo acoustic set. I told him to bring it on. So we're hashing out schedules to see when we can get him in here to share his talent. We also talked about an open mic night, which I had been thinking about but was waiting for the right timing to introduce at the Pod. He stated that he has experience in running open mic nights at a place near his hometown in Rochester. So, we'll see where this leads; the conversation and the open mic night idea.