Friday, August 22, 2008

Jorge's testimony: "I know God will work all things out for my good."

Disclaimer: Jorge encouraged me to share his testimony, "So that others will trust God, especially in difficult times."

I met up with Jorge today, who had been in a bit of a slump because he had lost his job and had been put out by his room mate, whom he had been sharing an apartment with. Apparently his room mate "did him wrong" and Jorge had nowhere to go. He wound up spending several nights at a rescue mission/homeless shelter in Albany.

He came into the Pod yesterday morning and had asked to use the phone to call about a job posting at a nearby supermarket that I had previously told him about. He spoke to the store manager who told him to come and fill out an application. Immediately after his phone conversation he went right to the place and filled out some paperwork. The manager interviewed him on the spot and told him to call back today to find out his status. At 11:ooam Jorge came in and called the supermarket, spoke to the manager and was told to report there at 6:00pm for new hire orientation and that he'd be starting his first shift Saturday morning. Jorge was so excited that he grabbed me and gave me a big bear hug.

Not more than a half hour later Jorge came back, informing that he had called the property manager for the building that houses The Pod Coffee House, along with five additional store fronts and 18 apartments above. She was to meet him here at 12:30pm to show him a studio apartment that is available. When she arrived a few minutes later, she took him upstairs to show him the apartment. He just shared with me moments ago, "Not only is it a great apartment, but it is within my budget, and the landlord will work with me on the security deposit." Jorge was so eletated that he shouted for joy, raised his hands in the air and shouted, "Thank you Jesus."

Jorge is another one of my friends who believes and trusts in God, yet he does not regularly attend a traditional church. He told me once that he sometimes goes to a nearby Hispanic church, and although they seem to be glad to have him there, he often feels uncomfortable because, "Whenever I walk into that place they look at me funny because I'm wearing the same street clothes I've had on for two or three days, and my hair is sometimes not groomed nicely. Don't they know that if I had nice clothes to put on that I would?"

Jorge had previously turned down my invitation to visit the CORE Church, perhaps for the very reason he no longer attended the Hispanic church mentioned above. he may be thinking that he will be the center of attention if he did come for a visit. This afternoon, as he exited the coffee house he did tell me, "if you had church here at the coffee house I would probably come." So, here's two people in as many days who have suggested doing what I've been thinking all along, even before we opened our doors as "The Pod Coffee House." We'd probably have room for no more that 20-25.

Imagine that! Church, in a coffee house, for such a small seating capacity!