Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dana's testimony: "My life was once really screwed up, but now it's not so screwed up."

While working at the Pod Coffee House today, Dana, one of our regulars, came in, along with her young son, Jordan, to get a bite to eat. After finishing their meal she came up to pay the bill and realized she was a little short on $$$. She apologized and promised to pay the rest of her bill the next time she stops in for lunch. I told her not to worry about it and she almost started to cry. She went on to explain that she had just come from a doctor's appointment and that her son has a serious ear infection and that she had promised him, if he was good for the doctor, she would take him somewhere for lunch afterward. On one of her previous visits we got to talking about the Pod and she learned that we are here to do more than sell coffee and food. Ever since then she has been sharing bits and pieces of her life, including the fact that she used to go to church but hasn't in awhile due to her overcrowded schedule. Having four children to care for, while being a single mother, going to school and working part-time pretty much eats up her schedule. She did share with me that she prays and reads her Bible from time to time and that she knows God is working in her life because her life, "used to be really screwed up, but now it's not so screwed up." She went on to share that when she focuses on Jesus, she is reassured that He is watching over her and that He has a plan for her life. "You ought to start having church here at the Pod," she suggested, as she exited the storefront with her son.

Imagine that, church in a coffee house!