Friday, April 25, 2008

My Exponential 2008 experience

First Baptist Church of Orlando, again, graciously hosted Exponential.

Just got back from Exponential 2008. My return trip to Albany was a little more nerve racking than the flight to Orlando. I got to the airport in plenty of time, only to find our that there were No More Seats On My Reserved/Prescheduled Flight. I could have hemmed and hawed about it bit I just grinned and beared it and politely accepted a seat on the next flight, which was an additional two hour wait. No big deal. I still got home safe, except it was 12:30am instead of the original plan of 10:30pm.

Anyway, it was a great conference. I could post a detailed outline of all of the sessions, but by now plenty of my blogging friends have already done a much more thourough job that I would probably provide. Including my friend Jay Hardwick. Check out his blog for a great snapshot of the plenary sessions with:

Rick Warren

Andy Stanley

Ed Stetzer

Alan Hirsch

Tim Keller

Dave Ferguson

Steve Andrews

My focus here will be the people I met and re-met since last year's conference