Friday, April 25, 2008

Exponential afterthoughts

I miss my Budget "economy" rental car. I think I should have traded with the family of five that was ahead of me in line at the Budget counter. They got stuck with a Ford Focus for mom, dad and three young children...and a mound of luggage to boot

Me being "Ford Truck Tough." But I'm still a city punk from upstate NY.

Meeting Rick Warren

"One tubby, tubby...Two tubby, tubby,"(if you were there and you heard the man speak then you know what this in reference to)

My son saw these two photos and was convinced I was at a Drake Bell concert instead of in a church at a conference. If you have kids and watch Nickelodeon's Drake and Josh show than you'll know what I mean. The lead singer of the 2/42 worship band looks a lot like Drake Bell.

(Drake Bell)