Monday, February 16, 2015

Mission From the Gospels:measuring success

I've been thinking about and discussing this very issue recently...and, what the marks of successful discipleship looks like...are we merely turning out religious zealots who are leading people in that familiar sinners prayer? or are they learning to be more loving, kindhearted and full of grace and truth as they interact daily in their own lives, within their own sphere of relationships? Are we merely leading them through the weekly motions of "church" or are we teaching how to worship God in spirit and in truth? I believe there is a proper balance that is gauged through faithful obedience to the mission and the community he has sent us to. I've gotten past the usual tools of church growth measurement; especially when there seems to be no single method or model agreed upon. So many differences yet the only common bond is the gospel. So maybe we should just start and stay there, allowing the Holy Spirit to shape our mission from the gospels, along with our measure of success in ways that will always point back to God and not to man. What would that look like on a practical. daily level?