Saturday, February 28, 2015

Mission from the gospels and New Testament

Daily Summit with the Living Triune God

Entering a different yet familiar conversation: I've had this conversation with many at the various church planting and or pastoral conferences I've attended over the past decade, and it goes something like this: Why can't we get back to that simple, apostolic vision of church, as it is seen in the gospels, book of Acts and the rest of the New was

Ok...I'm working on my first book, SUMMIT: Daily Summit with the Living Triune God... still in manuscript phase
It is a look at mission from the gospels and the new testament and how it relates to us today, in real, practical ways...Not just a theological treatise (how many times and how many books have taken that path?) But an honest, first hand look from personal experience on the mission field, and grappling with both new testament ideas and modern methods and models. All of this searching the scriptures daily in an effort to be missional and incarnational has left me kind of burned out! Been there? Done that? Join the club of burned out church planters who threw in the towel and moved onto something else...I was one of them, but God spoke to me with clarity and confirmation from His Word; it's not time to give up, but to dig in deeper. I've learned the significance and value, on the inside of me, of having a daily summit with the Living God, which has brought me to a place of rededication (as often as I need to) and the closest I've ever been to God. In the process, God has brought me:
Simplicity/simplify... For me it has all come down to the great commandment and the great commission (Matt 22&28)...BULLSEYE! Everything else falls under this simple theme in my life...this is what I live for and why I was created
Unity/unify...The cross has become my symbol of both my vertical relationship with God, and my horizontal relationships with other people...not just believers, but E V E R Y O N E! I learn and grow in Christ and in favor with God and man, it becomes less about me and more about Him; living as salt and light (Matt.5:14ff) we grow together (Church) we are multiplied, as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit our magnified in our lives, both individually and corporately, as the church, living life and growing together, we learn to live as Christ lived, love as he loved, and serve as he served, thereby making Him known through our words and deeds, and he adds to our number daily, those who are becoming more like him in this way...this isn't about a local church and it's programs and ministries, but serves a much larger picture in..
Impacting the community around me which leads to...
Transformation of my community and my city
This is still very much a work in progress and I need help in putting what's in my head and heart down on paper and into a format that can be readily available to anyone and everyone who can learn and grow from all that God has instilled in me