Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Will the real Dave Lewis please stand up!

One of my newest facebook friends is David Dunbar, President of Biblical Theological Seminary, Hatfield, PA.

David wrote a note on my FB wall stating that he knows another Dave Lewis who pastors a Methodist Church in his neck of the woods. I commented back to him that it does not surprise me, because just about everywhere, there seems to be another Dave Lewis. I thought it would make an interesting blog post.

Google David Lewis and some of the following will come up

  • There is David Lewis the congressman .NORTH CAROLINA HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, DISTRICT 53
  • There is a convicted serial rapist, serving a life sentence in an Illinois St. correctional facility with the same name, and middle initial. That one came up when our local little league ran a volunteer background check on me (obviously not me).
  • There was an NFL player named David Lewis
  • There was a General Hospital/soap opera star by the same name along with a bunch of famous guys named David Lewis
  • There is another david Lewis here in Troy, who works for our city as a code enforcement officer,
  • There is a local dentist who also shares my name. I've actually gotten some of his mail, probably because we have similar street addresses.
  • While serving in the US Navy, visiting a naval base club in Rota, Spain, I answered a page for a David Lewis, only to find out it was for another sailor by the same name.
  • I've met black men named Dave Lewis and white men named Dave Lewis. I once even met a half Korean man named Dave Lewis
  • There's probably a host of Dave or David Lewis's in any given city in the US or abroad.

So, don't call me congressman Dave Lewis, convicted serial rapist Dave Lewis, NFL star Dave Lewis, former soap star Dave Lewis (now deceased I believe), Troy code enforcement officer Dave Lewis, Dr. Dave Lewis, DDS, etc. I'm just another Dave Lewis, living and breathing on God's green earth.

Call me...

  • regular guy Dave Lewis,
  • church planter Dave Lewis,
  • Christ following Son of God Dave Lewis,
  • son of Ray and Lynn Dave Lewis,
  • husband of Brenda/Dad of Dan and Jake Dave Lewis,
  • Core Church of Troy Pastor Dave Lewis
  • taxpayer Dave Lewis (but which one?)
  • etc., etc, etc.

and if you happen to bump into a Dave Lewis in your own travels, it just may be me, or maybe not!