Saturday, November 6, 2010

PD's weekend wrap

My take on Halloween!
a week after halloween...the snickers and Reeses are gone, along w/the 3 musketeers and more twix, kit-kats, m&ms or milky way bars...all that's left to filch from the kids' candy bags is that bottom of the bag stuff that noone really wants to eat...but you do anyway cuz that's all thats left. Now I'm chewing on this apple/lemon flavored taffy-like thing...not sure what it's called. I think next year they should start earlier and make them stay out later. if they come back w/less than a full bag, send them back out...and tell them..ask for the good stuff...none of that cheap $1 bag/family dollar crap candy!
‎...or, when you start sorting through the candy, you know, for safety reasons, you just excercise parental preference and put some of the good stuff aside for "quality assurance purposes." Well, you do have the task of testing the candy to make sure it is not poisonous or filled w/razor blades or needles. Just tell the kids you think that pile over there looks suspicious and you will do the dirty work and test it to determine if it is okay to eat...and you'll let them know the results in a day or two...after all threats of danger will have passed...literally as the trick or treat loot exits your digestive track.

Is it Christmas already?
All of a sudden everyone is talking about Christmas. I saw it posted on several of my facebook friends' profiles...48 shopping days til Christmas...and the stores are all ablazing w/Christmas cheer, they like the sound of ring, ring, ring...of cash registers that is! Halloween just went by and we're jumping right into Christmas already! what about the big turkey day/thanksgiving that falls in between. That is my favorite holiday...turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, all smothered w/gravy...finish it off with a slice or two of pumpkin pie and then work it off by watching some college we're talking! After I get my fill of my favorite T-day fixins' then I'll start getting into the Christmas spirit...but not until I fill my pie hole w/some pie!