Thursday, November 4, 2010

big life questions

One of my 13yr. old son's 8th grade classmates had posted the following questions on his facebook status:

Why am I here?

Who am I?

Where do I belong?

Why do I think of you?

Why do I dream about you?

Why do I Exist?

I thought that was pretty awesome for a jr. high schooler, but then I remembered being about the same age when I began asking those big life questions. We all ask these questions at some point in our lives. So I asked some of the youths that I know within this age group and I found it to be true. 90+% of them are already seeking the answers to these Big Life Questions. So, I am embracing the challenge and thankful for the opportunity to help some of them find the answers to these questions and point them to the One who holds the keys to the great mysteries of life; the hidden truths and abstract ideas that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but can be seen through the eyes of faith, as they transition from being children to teenagers...and onto adulthood. I pray that they will continue to ask the Big Life Questions and seek the answers and find a personal relationship with the one true God!