Sunday, October 5, 2008

Finally made it to Northway Church

Over the past few years I had heard much about Pastor Buddy Cremeans and the Northway Church. They are one church that meets in three locations in upstate, New York; Malta, Clifton Park and Colonie, although they are now meeting in two locations, temporarily, while building their new Malta facility.I had been wanting to check out one of their gatherings but had been prevented from doing so due to a busy schedule of my own.

This past weekend my wife and kids went on a weekend outing and I was left home alone. Having nothing on my schedule for Saturday evening, I decided to drive to Clifton Park to catch their 6:00pm gathering. They meet in a converted strip mall retail space, formerly home to a health club. The worship service was excellent. The band, fronted by worship pastor Kevin Brustle, sounded great. Then pastor Buddy came on and gave an inspiring, spirit-filled message from their current "PG:parental guidance required"series.

After the worship service I met up with Brian Howe, campus pastor and program director and Facebook friend. Brian gave me a brief tour of their Clifton Park facility...quite a set-up by the way.

It is exciting to see a vibrant new church like Northway grow and lead many to Christ. I am looking forward to getting to know more about Northway Church in the neat future. Pastor Buddy and Pastor Brian may see my ugly mug more frequently at their Saturday evening gathering!