Saturday, March 29, 2008

Small groups off to a great start

Several weeks ago we began a Tuesday evening "Growing Up Catholic" discussion group. Our first week saw three in attendance. We have since grown to eight as of this past Tuesday. Lots of great discussion and prayer as we grapple with the experience many of us have had (myself included) growing up in the Catholic church.

Some 65-70% of those living in our neighborhood identify themselves as Roman Catholic. Although many of these same people haven't set foot in a Catholic church (or any church) for many years they still consider themselves to be Catholic. This is a reality we must embrace if we truly desire to connect with our community and build bridges for the gospel.
Our Monday evening Bible Study at Kennedy Tower Apartments is also going well. We recently began an audio CD and book study of David Jeremiah's "Searching for Heaven on Earth." We had been meeting in one of the apartment complex's community rooms until a resident complained and actually told lies about us. We were told by the manager of the apartments that we would no longer be able to offer this Bible study for the residents due to the loud complaints of one person (out of 140 residents). That is, until one of the ladies who had been attending the Bible study offered to host it in her apartment. So, we're good to go.
Please pray for our continuing work and witness in the city of Troy.